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Top Teaching Tips #2

Welcome to the second installment of Top Teaching Tips!

In this episode, we shall show you a useful mastery-approach activity to include in maths lessons that will excite and challenge your learners.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present ‘number huts’…

Numbers huts for mathematics mastery approach

A simple but effective idea that requires very little preparation.

This can be used in a variety of ways such as an investigation or a lesson starter or plenary. The objective for the children is to recognise the relationships between the numbers and to use vocabulary such as ‘inverse’, ‘difference’ and ‘sum’.

The teacher can extend the level of challenge by leaving out numbers so that children are required to use inverse operations to solve the puzzle. The relationships between the numbers can also be changed in order to present children with an opportunity to use terms like ‘product’.

One more way of adding challenge is to invite children to spot patterns in the number huts and to continue the sequence. Can they figure out what the numbers in the fifth number hut would be?

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Read more about mastery mathematics here.

Thank you to Tara Loghran for sharing this idea with me.



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