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Three Kinds of Rock (Preview)

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Strand: Rocks

Objectives covered:
Sc3/3.1a Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of the appearance and simple physical properties
Ideas for use in class
1. Prior to playing the video, encourage children to listen and watch for a purpose.
Invite different groups/individuals within the class to listen for particular information:
Lower ability – “How many kinds of rock are mentioned in the song?”.
Middle ability – “What are the three kinds of rock called?”
Upper ability – “Can you name the rocks mentioned within each of the categories of rock?”
Challenge “Can you describe how metamorphic/igneous/sedimentary rocks are formed?
2. Play the video.
3. Elicit responses from the children.
4. Play video again to consolidate learning.
5. Review and consolidate children’s learning by enabling them to complete a ‘timed pair share’ activity.

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