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Ten Things That Make Teaching Worthwhile

There are many things that make teaching tough let’s explore what makes the job all worth it.

Here are Ten Things That Make Teaching Worthwhile:

Teaching is Worthwhile

Teaching is a worthwhile, rewarding profession! Pictured here is a thank you card given to me by a child at the end of my teacher training. The child’s gratitude and thoughtfulness was very touching but I didn’t appreciate his slight against my football team!

10) Variety in the Job

They say variety is the spice of life and there is no shortage of it in the life of a primary teacher. Teaching as many as four or five different subjects and handling new, tricky situations each day means primary teachers are seldom bored and are always on their toes.

9) Fun Lessons

Primary teachers have fun. Whether its rounders on the field on a sunny day or a messy art session in the classroom, there are limitless opportunities for primary teachers to find fun during a school day.

8) Making a Difference

As teachers, we can sometimes underestimate the impact that we have on children’s lives. We not only educate but guide, inspire, entertain and protect too. Perhaps more than any other profession, teachers shape the future and mould the next generation.

7) Respect for teachers

The media would have you believe that society’s respect for the teaching profession is declining but that does not seem to be the case from my point of view. Regularly, when I announce that I am a teacher, people show genuine interest in what you do and many more refer to the point I made in number eight above.

6) Pay and Conditions

Let’s be honest. Whilst we’re not the most highly paid professionals, our pay and our pension packages aren’t bad even with the government’s desire to increase our pension contributions.

5) Job Security

Without wishing to tempt fate, teaching is fairly secure gig and we are envied by many other working folk for our relative job security.

4) Work anywhere in the world

One major advantage of having teaching experience, is the opportunities for travel it offers. Many schools in the Middle East and elsewhere welcome British teachers.

3) Holidays!

Let’s face it…we’re the envy of all professionals with the holidays we get. Okay, we pay more for holidays and don’t get a leave entitlement but six weeks off at summer makes up for that

2) Colleagues

If you’re lucky enough to work with caring, funny colleagues, then teaching is  great job to be in. Fortunately, there have been plenty of amazing people in all the schools I have worked in.

1) Little people

Children adore their teachers. This is evident in the hugs I get everyday and the cards, gifts and pictures I regularly receive. There are a few other jobs where one would receive such a warm reception each day and the children’s ‘funny little ways’ is one of the main reasons I got into the profession in the first place.


What do you love about teaching? Why did you become a teacher or why do you want to become one?

Songs for Teaching would love to hear from you! Give us your thoughts below!


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