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Square Number Song

Songs for Teaching is proud to present ‘Square Number Song’ – part of our maths songs collection for KS2.

Square Number Song can be used to support teaching and learning of the Year 5 and 6 objectives for mathematics:

Ma5/2.3h    recognise and use square numbers

Ideas for using Square Number Song:

  1. Present the children with a range of models of square numbers (e.g. 4, 9, 16, etc). Ensure that the children can clearly see the squares which are formed.
    Square Number Song helps children to remember square numbers to 100.

    Can you describe the patterns?

  2. Invite children to investigate which other numbers below 100 would form square patterns.
  3. Elicit ideas from the children.
  4. Invite children to listen to Square Number Song. Ask them questions regarding the content of the lyrics (e.g. Which square numbers does the song mention? Which square numbers are multiples of 9? Which square numbers are even?)
  5. Play the song again and invite the children to join in with the singing to reinforce key ideas.
  6. It may be useful to play the song intermittently throughout the term in order to continually remind pupils of the concept of square numbers.

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