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Songs for Teaching About The Ancient Egyptians

Are you looking for songs to teach about the Ancient Egyptians at your primary school? Look no further!

Songs for Teaching is proud to present a FREE VERSION of ‘The Ballad of Tutankhamen’ which is part of our collection of history resources.

This song is ideal for teaching about the Ancient Egyptians in a cross-curricular way in your primary school class. You could display this video with its on-screen lyrics during a lesson or have the children perform the song in a class assembly. There are many possibilities and the choice is yours.

If you’ve found this video but the Ancient Egyptians is not your current history topic, don’t worry. We’ve got a growing collection of songs for a range of history topics including:



Our songs with lyrics on-screen make learning fun and they are easy to use. All you need is an interactive whiteboard, a computer with speakers and a decent internet connection to use songs for teaching about the Ancient Egyptians. What’s more, is that all our songs have been tailor-made for the primary curriculum so you can rest assured knowing that you’re covering curriculum objectives by using our songs.

There are numerous benefits to using music and our songs in the primary classroom. Here are 3 reasons to use music in the classroom:


  1. Educational Music is a Mood Booster

Play a song in your classroom and you’ll notice a reaction from your students. If it’s something quirky or upbeat like many of our songs for teaching, you’ll notice a visible improvement in children’s moods.


2. Songs For Teaching About Ancient Egyptians Supports Memorising Facts

Did you know that scientific research has shown that music can enhance memory? Surely, this is a big reason to use songs for teaching Ancient Egyptians in your classroom. It’ll help the children to remember key dates and the names of significant historical figures.


3. Songs for Teaching Brings People Together

Music can bring a positive vibe to a classroom which enhances student interactions and cooperation and also strengthens the cohesion of your learning community.
Check out this handy infographic about reasons to use music in the classroom:


The benefits of songs for teaching.

Click the button below to download this FREE infographic which you can display around your school.



We hope you enjoy using this free Songs for Teaching video. If you would like to access our full range of educational songs with lyrics-on-screen, please join as a monthly subscriber using this form:

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