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Welcome to Our Shop!

It is now possible to purchase our songs individually as educational song resource packs. Song resource packs include:

  • High-quality PowerPoint to display lyrics on screen
  • High-quality audio embedded within the PowerPoint
  • 1 Class licence

    Please see instructions for purchasing and downloading below:

  1. Browse our collection of song resource packs below.
  2. Click the buttons on the item(s) you wish to purchase to add the item(s) to your shopping cart.
  3. Once you have selected the item(s) you want to buy, please wait for the page to refresh.
  4. You will then see the option to checkout next to the item(s) you selected.
  5. Select ‘Checkout’ and proceed with payment via PayPal.
  6. Once payment has been taken, select ‘return to merchant’. You will be redirected back to Songs for Teaching.
  7. You should see a confirmation page thanking you for your purchase. On this page, you should see the name of the file you downloaded written in text.
  8. Hover your cursor over this text and it should change to indicate a link. Click on it to access the song you purchased.






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