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11 Reasons Why Teachers Have Got It Easy

Teaching in the UK is stressful? Pull the other one!

Fact: No teacher ever works later than this.

Of all the so called professionals, teachers are surely the least deserving of recognition and reward. Forever moaning about their pay and conditions, teachers claim their salaries are too low and workloads are too high and that the government constantly sticks its nose where it doesn’t belong. But we all know that teachers are full of it. Let’s remind them of a simple fact: Teachers have got it easy and being a teacher is walk in the park…..probably.

Here are eleven reasons why teaching is a piece of cake:

1. Everyone knows that learning happens by osmosis

Children are like sponges and they can learn all they need to know sat at home watching Jeremy Kyle and the Disney channel or playing Xbox for hours on end. There’s no need for all this nurturing that goes on in schools and let’s face it, education didn’t really ever get anyone anywhere, did it?

2. All children are lovely, delightful beings

Who’s ever heard of a child being uncooperative, abusive or violent? Children are always truthful and false allegations against teachers that damage their health and reputations is unheard of, right?

3. There’s absolutely no paper work and bureaucracy

A few dozen books for four separate subjects to be marked each evening in an array of colours surely can’t be that hard! Risk assessments, individual education plans, seven page planning documents and an incomprehensible system of assessment is hardly going to make the camel break a sweat let alone its back. What are they complaining about?

4. Parents are always reasonable when it comes to their children

Who’s ever heard of a parent defending their child’s actions and shifting the blame to the teacher? Not me. I can’t imagine that a parent could ever fail to support someone responsible for educating their child in 21st century Britain.

5. There’s no accountability

It’s about time teachers were given some hoops to jump through. I say introduce a long list of appraisal targets, performance related pay and regular scrutiny of things that are often out of the teacher’s control. Yeah. That’ll show ’em!

6. There isn’t that much teachers have to do

Give them some more work to do in the evening. Marking books; test papers; pupil reports; half termly monitoring; parents’ evening; staff meeting; extra curricular clubs; planning and actually delivering high quality lessons simply isn’t enough.

7. Nobody interferes with schools

Teachers would have you believe that successive governments have rushed through change after change simply for the sake of change. I can’t remember the last time a government hastily introduced reforms to say, curriculum without first consulting the nation’s teachers.

8. Teachers get loads of holidays

Six weeks at summer, two at Christmas and Easter and a whole load more in between, teachers have a very generous entitlement to annual leave indeed. The holidays are not for the children of course!

9. And they can go home at 3:30!

You would be hard pressed to find a teacher who stays beyond the school bell to deliver extra curricular activities or free private tuition for struggling pupils.  Most are out the doors by half three and in the pub by quarter to four and of course, they’ll never put in extra hours with the kids at weekend residential trips either.

10. Training is easy

It only takes a bachelors degree and an intensive post graduate training course filled with hands on experience to acquire qualified teacher status. Who couldn’t do that standing on their heads?

11. Teaching isn’t stressful at all

Eighty per cent of teachers report excessive work place stress according to the Beeb. How can managing a class of some thirty odd kids from distinctly different backgrounds possibly present challenges that cause stress?

So, there you have it. A load of my chest. Hope all you teachers reading this don’t find too much time to relax during your forthcoming summer holiday!


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