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Pronoun Hoedown (Preview)

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En4/3.4    Vocabulary, grammar & punctuation

Objectives covered:

En4/3.4a    develop their understanding of the concepts set out in Appendix 2 by:

  • choosing nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion and to avoid repetition
Ideas for use in class
1. Prior to playing the video, encourage children to listen and watch for a purpose.
Invite different groups/individuals within the class to listen for particular information:
Lower ability – “Can you tell me 1-3 pronouns?”
Middle ability – “Can you tell me what a pronoun does?”
Upper ability – “Can you decide which pronouns mentioned in the video are personal pronouns?”
2. Play the video.
3. Elicit responses from the children.
4. Play video again to consolidate learning.
5. Enable children to apply their knowledge by writing sentences that include a range of pronouns.

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