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Preposition Party (Preview)

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Objectives covered:

En3/3.4    Vocabulary, grammar & punctuation

  • En3/3.4a    develop their understanding of the concepts set out in Appendix 2 by:
    • using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause

Ideas for use in class

  1. Play the video.
  2. After the video, use the questions:

Lower ability learners – Can you tell me 1-3 words that were mentioned in the song?”

Middle ability learners“What does the song say that a prepositions does?”

More able learners – “Can you think of a range of prepositions and use each one in a sentence?”

ChallengeDiscuss how some prepositions can also serve as conjunctions. “Can you write a definition to say what a preposition is?”

  1. Encourage collaboration to generate a collection of prepositions.
  2. Replay the video to reinforce key ideas.

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