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Let’s Sing About Nouns (Preview)

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Objectives covered:

En2/3.4    Vocabulary, grammar & punctuation

En2/3.4b    Learn how to use:
  • learning the grammar for year 2 in English Appendix 2
  • some features of written Standard English
  • expanded noun phrases to describe and specify

Ideas for use in class

1. Play the video.

2. After the video, use the questions:

Lower ability learners – What was the song about?”

Middle ability learners“What does the song say nouns are?”

More able learners – “Can you think of a range of nouns?”

Challenge“Can you think of any ‘naming’ words that are not nouns?” Explain that some prepositions can also serve as ‘naming’ words but it is nouns that usually serve as ‘naming’ words.

3. Encourage collaboration to generate a collection of nouns.

4. Explain that you will replay the video but you will want the children to add nouns to the song where the singer omits lyrics. Agree these nouns with children.

5. Replay the video to reinforce key ideas.

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