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Why Every Teacher Must Use Educational Music

The Importance of Educational Music

As teachers, we may be all too familiar with inspectors and senior management teams who after observing a teacher in a lesson, offer advice to make learning less didactic or more interactive. But how often has someone suggested that teaching in core primary curriculum subjects should be more musical? Probably never, right? That’s not because it’s a bad idea either but because many teachers lack the courage to use educational music as a teaching tool.

Here at Songs for Teaching UK we want to make using educational music easier for teachers. We believe that educational music is crucial to the spiritual, intellectual and emotional development of children and that music should not be limited to being taught discretely in the music classroom. In fact, we believe that educational music is being under utilised in schools and we’re on a mission to awaken every teacher to the benefits of using educational music in all subjects.

Some Benefits of Educational Music…

Children and adults alike enjoy music particularly if the music has a catchy melodic hook or repetitive sections that ‘grab’ the listener. It is a form of communication that impacts in ways that simple verbal delivery can not and it’s one that embeds itself within the memories of its listeners. For example, most of us can recall lyrics to songs that we haven’t heard for considerable periods of time. Even nursery rhymes which haven’t been recited since childhood can easily be recalled by most adults.

Educational music (songs designed to convey a key teaching point) has a similar sort of power. Using repetitive sections and infectious melodic hooks, educational music like the songs showcased here at Songs for Teaching UK can make an indelible impression upon young minds. Don’t believe me? Play ‘Pronoun Hoedown’ for your class a few times and see how easily they can recall a range of different pronouns.

Another benefit of education music is the way in which it creates a sense of fun in the classroom. Children can become overburdened by text books, worksheets, collaborative tasks and teacher talk but a catchy song injects a sense of energy into the proceedings that few other things can. It does this by using different tempos and textures all the while demanding little of the teacher’s time and effort. With the educational music here at Songs for Teaching UK, it is simply a matter of login and press play and let the power of our educational songs do the rest.

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