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Songs for Teaching UK – Our Mission

Songs for Teaching UK believes that every child has the right to a good quality education and that music plays an important role in the intellectual development of children and young people.

Songs for Teaching UK is the web's best source of education music.

Songs for Teaching UK is on a mission to help teachers to use music to make learning fun.

Songs for Teaching UK aims to:

  • Provide high quality musical teaching aids covering primary national curriculum objectives
  • Provide educational music in a range of musical styles and genres
  • Enable children to experience different musical styles, forms and structures
  • Enable teachers to easily and conveniently use our musical teaching aids and videos as part of their regular classroom practice
  • Offer materials for teaching that are inclusive and offer a high level of challenge to all learners
  • Offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through our blog
  • Offer an affordable, environmentally friendly online service
  • Deliver satisfaction to all our members and children who access our service
  • Make music and videos that make learning fun!

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