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Inspiring Home Learning Activities For Kids

We outline 5 inspiring home learning activities for kids. We hope this post will help teachers and parents who may be setting homework activities for children during the coronavirus disruption.

Online Home Learning Activities For Kids

These activities and websites focus on curriculum areas other than the core subjects. There are cross-curricular benefits to using each of these websites and application.

5 inspiring home learning activities for kids

UK schools are set to close this Friday. Inspire your pupils with our suggested home learning activities.


Google’s Chrome Music Labs offers a free, inclusive way to compose music and experiment with sound. No login or account is required and it works within a web browser on tablet and PC/Mac.

Music Labs enables users to experiment with various elements of music, including pitch and rhythm. It also offers a song maker facility. Click the video below to see Chrome Lab’s ‘Song Maker’ in action.


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Classic FM and Decca Music have teamed up to offer this website to primary school pupils for free. It gives pupils access to a large catalogue of classical music.

Teachers may use it to ‘find just the right music for all kinds of lessons and activities’. It’s ideal to address the listening and appraising and history components of the 2014 primary curriculum:

Mu2/1.5 appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians

Mu2/1.6 develop an understanding of the history of music.

Specifically, Classical 100 enables pupils to explore the history of Western musical forms and engage with the stories behind compositions. The compositions available can be sorted dynamically according to mood, tempo, period and instrument.

Classical 100 is a must-use tool for teachers who need to expose children to classical music. A login is required but it is completely free to use and ad-free at the time of writing.

5 inspiring home learning activities

Classical 100 is a great resource for teaching primary music.


We’ve got lots of free resources that don’t require any login credentials. Don’t forget every song and every video here is tailored to the national curriculum and offers numerous cross-curricular learning opportunities.

To search our catalogue for free and unrestricted content, without any need for logins, simply click ‘Explore’ on our home page. On the ‘Explore’ page, use the search drop-down menu labelled ‘categories’. Select ‘free previews’ and the list below will display only unrestricted resources.


Hour of Code’s tutorials is amongst the best free computing resources on the web. They offer free, one-hour coding tutorials to people of all ages in over 40 languages. It’s super easy to use and no login is required. Set it as a homework task for your students who will love creating their own apps, games and programmes.


Google’s self-proclaimed most detailed globe in the world enables teachers to bring the world to pupils in the classroom and in their homes. Google Earth Education offers a wide variety of activities for pupils, including story creation and activities to promote geography skills. Google Earth’s Voyager requires no login credentials and pupils can access quizzes and a whole host of interactive activities centred around Google’s impressive satellite images.

5 inspiring home learning ideas

Google Earth inspires pupils to look at the world from a different perspective.


FYI – We’re not sponsored by any of the companies/organisations we’ve mentioned in this list. We’re only suggesting these activities because our experiences of teaching have proven their inspirational value to pupils.

What else would you like to add to our list? We’d love to read your suggestions in the comments below.


Songs for Teaching UK wishes you all the very best of health in these uncertain times. Stay strong, stay together.

Over and out…


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